Gemelo Regular Cannabis Seeds by Fidel’s Seed Co


Brand Fidels Seed Co
Pack Size 12 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time
Lineage GMO x (Pomelo x Gelatti x Kush Mints)
Releasing: 14/04/2022
Seed Type Regular

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Gemelo regular cannabis seeds by Fidel’s Seed Co is part of the first drop of regular cannabis genetics from Fidel’s Seed Co. Fidel is a breeder, master grower as well as the founder of Fidel’s Hash Holes pre-rolls. Fidel has built a reputation under the alias Fidel Hydro, which stems from his history at the Commercial Hydro store in Santa Clarita, California where he transformed the physical space 3 times and went from a bag boy to manager. During this time he was made aware of countless growing problems as he would be assisting 50-60 growers a day and learning from all of their mistakes or misfortunes.

Gemelo is a cross using the GMO aka Garlic Cookies cut that he received from Bobby Trill from Trilogy 710 as the mother. GMO is well known as the pinaccle of modern hash strains as it can yield up to 8% in whole plant fresh frozen hash runs. The GMO has then been crossed with the Pomelo x Gelatti x Kush Mints male that Fidel selected. The Gelatti x Kush Mints #11 pheno hunts birthed an incredible variety of cultivars where the hash potential, bag appeal and gas levels were constantly off the charts! The overall terp content wasn’t as impressive though and this gave Fidel the idea to cross it with the terp-fuelled Pomelo

Fidel describes Pomelo as being like smoking a musky, musty OG whilst on a tropical beach where the sand, salt and wet humidity are mixing with the smoke for a unique combination. No doubt the terps and hash potential on this variety of Cannabis will be unique and off the chain. 

Fidel Hydro, known for his Hash Hole, an tightly packed elite smoke stuffed with solventless extract in the centre that he has mastered and marketed as Fidels Hash Hole, which popularised these donut style joints as the ultimate connoisseurs smoke. The Hash Hole, commonly known referred to as a donut, is a creative endeavour undertaken by Fidel & his team that has collaborated with some of the industry’s most highly prized creatives and countless exceptional Hash Holes flower/ rosin collaborations, including DNA Genetics, Cookies SF, and others. Fidel Hydro helped cement the hash hole/ donut culture in Barcelona with their Hash Holes and Donuts event at the Barcelona Cookies Social Club. During this trip to Spain, they made the business decision to partner with Pure Sativa to release Fidel’s Seed Co exclusively. Thankfully they did, as it means we can bring delights such as the Gemelo to you! 


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